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Pilot Project - NQ Spark

Pilot Project - NQ Spark



NQ SPARK will deliver simulation expertise to construct a multi-user Advanced Environmental Simulation Training Facility (AESTF), as the foundation infrastructure for a technology-oriented collaborative industry precinct for defence, health and education. 

Developed in two stages, NQ SPARK will be Northern Australia’s primary collaborative industry hub focused on developing sovereign defence industrial capability with a focus on test, evaluation and certification and the collective Defence Science and Technology Group (DSG) STaR Shot.

Clinical Simulation Centre
Simulation enabled incident training, and human machine teaming (HUM-T) test, evaluation and systems assurance facility.
A high capacity, cutting edge medical training and research simulation centre.

C2 Simulator
An agile command and control (C2) team performance research laboratory to perform research with Defence Science and Technology StarShot programs, CRCs as well as support the development of C2 training for emergency services, industry and international Pacific engagements.

High Performance Computing
A High-Performance Computing (HPC) capability providing high-capacity modelling, simulation and gaming systems for cost effective networked technology development and test and evaluation purposes.

Australia’s strategic environment is rapidly evolving

The North Queensland Simulation Park (NQ SPARK) consolidates and exploits the confluence of regional science, defence, health and knowledge expertise to construct an Advanced Environmental Simulation Facility (AESF) as the foundation infrastructure for a technology-oriented collaborative precinct, on a common boundary between Lavarack Barracks, James Cook University (JCU) and Townsville University Hospital (TUH). In so doing, it will significantly enhance Australia’s defence sovereign industrial capability while concurrently developing the north of the nation.

North Queensland's Strategic Importance

Townsville’s strategic role as a major east coast Defence hub, with national and international capabilities as a home, force generation and operational mounting base, provide the region with unparalleled facilities and access to vast, dedicated and fully instrumented ranges including the Townsville and Greenvale Field Training Areas.

Recognising the availability of uncongested and uncontested land and air space in the tropics, the Queensland Government and Industry are investing to develop aviation and space test and launch facilities at Cloncurry (The Queensland Flight Test Facility) and Abbot Point (Rocket Launch Facility). These facilities compliment the Australian Government’s investment in the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and the development of ReefWorks, offering development, design and testing services for marine technologies for both civilian and defence purposes.


Visit the NQ Spark Website to stay up to date and learn more about this project.