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University Linked Highschool

University Linked Highschool


A university high school for local, regional and international students with linkages to James Cook University. This will enable resource sharing (laboratories, libraries, sport and recreation facilities) and accelerated progress and enhanced pathways to tertiary education.

Particular attributes of the University High School would include an emphasis on STEM, health, remote and indigenous connections, along with language and technology access for all local high schools. An international component is also desirable with emphasis on intercultural skills, international networks (especially via JCU Singapore), access to global programs and Asian language immersion.

Being co-located with JCU, students have the potential to excel in education and training by drawing upon the innovation and knowledge of staff and student ambassadors at the University.

Location and Scale

West of James Cook Drive and adjacent to JCU sporting facilities.


Interested developers and operators are encouraged to register their interest.