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Welcome to Townsville’s Tropical Intelligence and Health Precinct, a community dedicated to helping the world access, understand and benefit from breakthroughs and solutions in health and tropical science.

To be here is to be surrounded by world-class facilities, vibrant lifestyle and inspiring urban design. For businesses, students, employees, patients and the community, TropiQ is alive with tropical intelligence.


In a world of urgent climate changes, increasing population needs and untapped scientific potential, it is indefensible to limit thinking and inspiration.
It is critical that new paths be connected, created and shared.

Located in Australia’s largest tropical city, surrounded by some of the world’s most spectacular natural assets and biodiversity, this global destination lives and breathes with real-world research and application.

A true living laboratory and collaborative ecosystem of over 70 organisations, strongly linked to the CBD and anchored by James Cook University and Townsville University Hospital.